Emily Ratajkowski

Hey! Did you come here from Instagram? Yea, I can see why. Boobies, am I right? Sometimes that’s what it takes to get attention. As they say, “Sex Sells.” Even though, this really isn’t ‘sex’. Boobs, hooters, knockers, tits, puppies, are just breasts. I have them too, just not like Emily’s…

But why are they so compelling? Could it be their natural buoyancy, some seemingly floating on divine air? Could it be their natural resemblance to a bull’s eye or target? Is it because there are two of them (usually), hypnotically staring right back into our eyes?

Perhaps its our first notion of a food source as infants. Ahh, the good old days, when you could put a breast in your mouth and no one screamed or called the cops. Mammaries, like the corner of my mind….

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